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Back in 2016, I was enjoying my first taste of a soft rebirth. Here I was, leaving a job I hated for a new, more interesting one. F1 was finally going to be broadcast again. It was a good time.

The (then) new job was for a company that encouraged…

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If you ever make the mistake and go on LinkedIn…wait, that sounded wrong. Lemme try that again.

Ahem…if you ever go on LinkedIn because you’re in search of a new job as a software developer, you may encounter certain companies that say they’re looking for their next rockstar developer in…

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Last week, I posted an article that proved to be quite successful, about how a typical Agile sprint looks like. Of course, it’s all in good humor, though based a lot in reality. Now, I think we should take a look at a typical sprint planning meeting.

As I’ve said…


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As the world still finds itself affected by the pandemic, a lot of developers are probably still working from home either entirely or at least most of the time.

And if you’re a developer and also an introvert, which is a quite common scenario, this should make your work easier…you…

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See the picture above? That’s the type of colorful view on things I didn’t have until this year. This might seem weird, given the fact that 2020 was…less than ideal.

Let’s take a trip down an almost 8-year long path that leads me back to what I always wanted to…

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If you’ve ever worked in a tech company, the following words might be true to your experiences. If you haven’t worked in a tech company and wonder what your average programmer does with his time at work, here’s a satirical view of a sprint. …

Too many cooks spoil the broth

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I remember reading or hearing a story a while back about the problem with too many choices.

There was a company that created a drink consisting of vegetables and fruit. Everyone loved the drink, for various reasons. …

It’s time to put an end to archaic rules

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Where I come from, there’s a bit of a consensus in HR that it’s hard to convince software developers to change jobs. …

Music has been in my life for as long as I can remember. It’s either 1994 or 1995 when I first started taking piano lessons in this weird building with very old-school elevators.

When I told everyone that I’d be pursuing a full-time music career in 2021, the responses generally…

So I saw this meme I can’t find now that went something like this:

People: 2021 starts tomorrow

Me: I haven’t even processed 2016 yet

And yeah, I laughed a bit, I’m not going to lie. I mean, who hasn’t processed something that has happened like 5 years ago, right?

Andrei Lucian Moraru

Musician and freelance writer. Do these things blend well together? Read my thoughts and find the answer. Find me on Instagram (andreilucianmoraru) and Spotify.

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